Pet Services Offered


Some people need temporary help with their pet responsibilities, when a vacation or family needs take you away from home and you just cannot take your pet with you.  I can be there for you!  Pets are always happier getting to stay in their usual surroundings.

When I originally started my business, I did not picture myself “house” sitting for people, but many who want me to watch over their pets while they are out of town have surprised me by asking if I would also stay at their house overnight.  Sometimes it’s a matter of making sure that the pet is not lonely, sometimes it is more for security of the property, either way, if it works for me, I have added it to my list of things that I can do to help people.  If you need help, ask me, all I can do is say, “No”, but I bet if I can’t do it, I can help you find the person who will.  I was a nurse most of my adult life, nurses are good at coming up with solutions to problems!

Some people may have had recent surgery or an illness that keeps you from caring for your pet the way you always have.  I can help you while you need it!  I can fill in as you convalesce so that you pet’s life is not disrupted.

Some people, in today’s busy world, just have to work so many hours that their pet needs to be let out, cared for, and loved during those hours that you have to be away.  If that’s the case, I can help you for any length of time necessary.  I can fill in for you!

I can walk your dog, give it fresh water and a treat, make sure it has food in it’s bowl if it is free fed, or feed it a scheduled meal if need be.  I can give medications when needed.  I can brush a dog, play with it in the house or out in it’s own yard with a favorite toy.  I can love on friendly kitties, clean their litter boxes and provide for their physical needs as well.  I can feed and water birds and clean their cages.  Reptiles?  I’ve worked in a reptile shop before!   Pet services offered include, but are not limited to: taking your pet to your vet, cleaning up your yard, bathing your dogs, bringing in your mail and newspaper, and I can pull your garbage cans out or back on trash day.  I can also water house plants and outdoor beds when really dry. I can turn lights on and off to give your house that, “lived in look” which can be a great deterrent to theft while you are away.  You give me the instructions, and I’ll see that it gets taken care of while you are gone.  I will tailor my pet services to your specific needs.  I spent a lot of time on a farm as a child, had horses and with the exception of perhaps llamas, cannot think of an animal I’ve not had some experience with.  I am looking forward to meeting you and having some new experiences with your pets.

Pet sitting, dog walking, pet taxi service, pet bathing.