What wouldn't I do for that little face!
What wouldn’t I do for that little face!




Initial Assessment of Needs Visit is free.  This is our chance to “meet and greet” and make sure it is going to work out for everyone involved.  You should have an extra key available for me that day, if you are going to contract me to work for you.  You can show me where you keep pet supplies, how much you feed, etc. Oh, and things like, “The lock on the door is funny…..”, or, “This is where the garbage cans hide”.

Dog Walk in Your Neighborhood

$18 per visit, includes 20-30 minute walk, food & water check/refill, treat, play, and tons of LOVE for 50-60 minutes; 45 minute walk/visit would be $22, and I would be at your house for 75-85 minutes; add $2 per pet for additional pets cared for/walked during the visit; additional “stop ins” for interaction & potty breaks in the yard during vacation times are $13, and I am typically there for about 45 minutes.

Kitty Visits

$13 per visit, includes food & water check/refills, treat, play, litter box clean out, and as much interaction/LOVE as your kitty wishes.  Additional $2 charge for each additional kitty.


$16 for dogs under 30 lbs., $24 for dogs over 30lbs.

Yard Clean Up

Very dependent on the size of your yard, the number of dogs using it, the frequency you wish to have it performed,  and the length of time since it was last picked up.  Price will be determined by looking at these factors.

Medication Administration

$2 per visit

Overnight Stays

I will stay at your house, with your pets, and be in and out to care for them during the day also at least 3 times for $60-70/day (UNLESS you have a virtual zoo of animals and then we can talk!).  The difference in price is determined by just how far away you live from where I live in Fayette County.  I CANNOT house sit for people outside of Fayette County as I have “regulars” to walk and must be able to continue to see them.  If you are too far away, if just does not make it feasible from a cost of time and gas stand point.

General Information

Pet Taxi Services are available in Fayette County ONLY at a rate of $20 per round trip, and are for established customers only.

Customized services are available upon request—contact me and we can discuss the rates depending on services needed.

$6 additional fee added to visit fees on major holidays for brand new customers.

I walk all breeds of dogs.  I am the only employee, so I will be the one who comes to your house!  Service hours are 7am to 11pm, 7 days a week.   Payment is expected daily, unless you are receiving services 3 or more times per week, in which case weekly or bi-weekly payments will be fine.  Unestablished vacationers (only) who need my services are asked to pre-pay at least half of the total bill.

The rowdiest boys I know, Newman and Jack!
The rowdiest boys I know, Newman and Jack!




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