Canine/Feline Caregiver

Active canine, my Lucy, guarding her yard.
Active canine, my Lucy, guarding her yard.

Let me introduce myself, I am Paula Sutter, and I have opened my own business, Active Canines of the Bluegrass, as of June 19, 2014. My business is located in Lexington, Kentucky. To start, I offer, primarily, dog walking and pet sitting, but have a varied background and can help in many ways.  These services include: pet taxi service, bathing, yard clean up, medication administration, pet sitting, and pet portraits. That’s my canine,  Lucy, above, and yes, I took and edited that photo. I am so excited that I can barely stand myself! I have loved and lived with dogs (and many other pets as well), all of my life and now have my life in order to be able to devote most of my waking hours to their care, well being, and maintenance. I have always preached to others to, “Do what you love”, well, now I am following my own advice.

I am my company’s only employee,  so let me expand on my personal introduction. I was born and raised in Ashland, Kentucky, attended college where I  received my degree as a registered nurse, and then moved to Lexington in 1991 when I married my (only, ever and still best friend) husband, Chris. Chris and I never had human children, but have always had canines—pit bulls, boxers, and now two active Boston Terrorist canine girlies, Lucy and Lola. We also are forced to claim one very beautiful, but slightly psycho feline, named Lico (more on her later!). We have lived in the same house in the Twin Oaks neighborhood for 22 years,  where we have been fortunate enough to love long time neighbors as our extended family.

I utilized my nursing degree here in Lexington as a caregiver,  at two different hospitals, for almost 23 years. I just left Central Baptist after 19+ years of employment there in May of 2014, determined to take my life in a different direction. Nothing against people, I love people and even before becoming a nurse, I have always worked in some type of direct “people” contact industry, but my true loves have always been plants and animals. The thought of getting to meet new animals and people in a new environment, and help them in many ways, well, priceless!

I have now been up and running, and I DO mean running, for the last two years.  I still have to pinch myself that I am getting to do this.  I am blessed.  Call me and let me help you, I can.  And I still have no employees, and probably never will.  To be just me and your pet, one on one, I am SO grateful.

Pet sitting, dog walking, pet taxi service, pet bathing.